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Cooking is a passion for us

Flavor Lounge is a family owned fast casual barbeque restaurants owned by Cynthia and Julius. We offer a better BBQ experience serving the West African Suya and chef driven side dishes. All of our meats are slow smoked, thus creating a memorable and highly unique experience. Once you try it you’ll understand why our guests make Flavor Lounge BBQ part of their weekly dining routines.

Our founders


Cooking is Cynthia's hobby and a way of relaxing. She is a nurse by profession but decided to start up her catering business in 2018. Cynthia has transformed her Maryland family recipes into an elevated more accessible menu that serves as the foundation for Flavor Lounge


Julius is an risk analyst, entrepreneur and a chef who has worked for reputable firms before moving on to found and build one a thriving catering business in Maryland. He is passionate about managing Flavor Lounge.


LOGO-Flavor Lounge

Flavor lounge is a full service bar and restaurant providing unique West African cuisine in a contemporary, neighborhood bistro setting.

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